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Bionic Pancreas Project


Beacon Hill Study

The Beacon Hill Study, in which adults with type 1 diabetes wore the mobile bionic pancreas designed by Ed and his team has shown promising results.

Click HERE for more information.

Summer 2013: Camp Study

The Joslin Diabetes/Clara Barton Camp Study took place this past July/August. Children/young adults, ages 12 and up, had the opportunity to wear the bionic pancreas as part of a clinical study.  Click HERE for more information.  We are hopeful that phase 2 of this study will be completed in the summer of 2014--pending approval.

   2014  Multi-Center Hospital Staff Study

This upcoming study will involve having hospital staff with type 1 wear the device over a 12-day period.  They will sleep at home and go to work as usual.



Photo/Video Credits:

Photos of Dr. Damiano & Dr. El-Khatib and Dr. Russell in our video provided by Chris Leach at Insulin Nation.  www.insulinnation.com

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