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Bionic Pancreas Project


Summer 2014: Camp Study

Emma has been selected as a participant in the 2014 Camp Study at Clara Barton Center.  She will wear the bionic pancreas, along with 13 other girls and 14 boys, ages 6-12.  Each child will wear the device for 5 days and then have a 5-day period of usual care in an effort to act as their own control.  This study was conducted last summer with young adults with great success.  It is the first time the bionic pancreas has been tested in the younger cohort.

Beacon Hill Study

The Beacon Hill Study, in which adults with type 1 diabetes wore the mobile bionic pancreas designed by Ed and his team has shown promising results.

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   2014  Multi-Center Hospital Staff Study

This upcoming study will involve having hospital staff with type 1 wear the device over a 12-day period.  They will sleep at home and go to work as usual.



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Photos of Dr. Damiano & Dr. El-Khatib and Dr. Russell in our video provided by Chris Leach at Insulin Nation.  www.insulinnation.com

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